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  Error Codes 6C11-7003  

Maintenance Error Codes Merlin Magix

Maintenance Error Codes- Merlin Magix


Error Code

Power UP Cold Start:
Module Dual port RAM failure; System Programming OK.

If problem persists,check module for slot indicated.

Real Time Clock Fault :
Date and/or time incorrect or unreadable.

If problem persists, replace processor module.

RTC Cold Start:
This error is not displayed.

If problem persists,check module.

Reset Date & Time:
System cold-starts becuase real-time clock chip is not working correctly.

If problem persists,replace processor module.

ABK Card Not Inserted:
PCMCIA memory card for translation is not inserted

Insert a translation card or an unformatted card. .

ABK Incorrect Card Type:
PCMCIA memory card for non-translation is inserted.

Remove current card and insert a translation card or unformatted card.

ABK Card Write Protected:
Translation card has write-protected switch on.

Turn write-protection switch to off. If problem persists, try another card. If still not working, replace processor module.

ABK Extension Busy:
A station is in program, administration, or maintenance mode.

Wait until station changes mode.


Merlin Magix - Maintenance Error Codes


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