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  Error Codes 0001-0009 Error Codes 7004-7401
  Error Codes 000A-0015 Error Codes 7402-7802
  Error Codes 0016-0404 Error Codes 7803-780C
  Error Codes 0405-1C01 Error Codes 780D-8404
  Error Codes 1C02-2C02 Error Codes 8405-840B
  Error Codes 3001-6C01 Error Codes 840C-9801
  Error Codes 6C02-6C09 Error Codes 9802-9C07
  Error Codes 6C0A-6C10 Error Codes 9C08-A801
  Error Codes 6C11-7003  

Maintenance Error Codes Merlin Magix

Maintenance Error Codes- Merlin Magix


Error Code

ABK Faulty Card:
Unknown cause of a bad card.

Reset card and retry. If problem presists, try another working card. If still not working, replace processor module.
0801 and 1C07 and 5801

CTI Link Deleted:
A board renumber or slot restore moved the CTI link to an unacceptable port and the system has removed the link..

Check that the following are true:

  1. The system is in Hybrid/ PBX mode.
  2. The link is on an 008 MLX or 408 MLX board.
  3. The MLX board furmware vintage is not 29.
  4. The extension is not an operator position.
  5. An MLX telephone is not connected to that port.
  6. Board renumber has not moved the MLX extension to the system programming port.

No I-VMS Port in Serv:
VMS machine may be down.


DID Interdigit Timeout:
Noisy line or CO problem.

None; if problem persists, check DID line and inform CO if neccesary.

All TTRs Unavailable:
The system needed to use a Touchtone Receiver but one was not available for any and all reasons including: in use, not physically present, and out of service.

Check to see if additional TTRs can be added to the system.

Pool M exceeeds 50%:
More than half the trunks in the pool are busy .

Check trunk.


Merlin Magix - Maintenance Error Codes


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