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Account Code Entry Feature

Use Account Code Entry to enter account codes (developed by accounting or administrative personnel) for outside calls, both incoming and outgoing. These codes appear on Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) reports, along with other call information, and are used for billing or cost-accounting to identify outgoing calls with a project, client, or department. You can enter an account code before or during a call or not at all for outgoing calls. For incoming calls, enter the account code after you answer the call or not at all. For both incoming and outgoing calls, you can change, correct, or cancel an account code while the call is in progress.

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Forced Account Code Entry is similar, but it affects only outgoing calls and requires a caller to enter an account code before placing an outside call. You can change or correct an account code while a call is in progress, but you cannot cancel it.

To enter, change, or correct an account code during a call, activate the feature and enter the account code. Only the person who enters the account code hears the tones generated by dialing the account code number. To cancel an account code (when permitted), activate the feature and exit without entering a code.

Forced Account Code Entry, when activated for an extension, has the following effects:

  • If you select an outside line on an SA button (by dialing a dial-out code) or on an ICOM button (by dialing the Idle Line Access code) without entering an account code, the call is blocked. Depending on the type of telephone used, this may be indicated by the programmed Account Code Entry button flashing, the SA button going to the off/idle state, or an intercept tone.

  • If you try to make an outside call on a Personal Line or Pool button without entering an account code, there is no dial tone.

Account Code Entry / Forced Account Code Entry Feature


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