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Allowed / Disallowed Lists Feature

Used in conjunction with calling restrictions (outward and toll), an Allowed List identifies numbers that the caller is allowed to dial, despite restrictions. For example, an Allowed List assigned to an outward-restricted extension can allow calls to specific local numbers, such as 911 or toll numbers. For toll-restricted extensions, an assigned Allowed List can allow calls to specific area codes and/or exchanges needed for daily tasks.

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Beginning with Release 1.5 systems, the number of digits possible in the Allowed Lists has increased from 7 to 14 digits. With 14 digits, you have more control when equal access codes are used, for example, 1010xxx-1-xxx-xxx-xxxx. You can allow Outward or Toll Restricted users to dial equal access codes to specific area codes and/or exchanges.

A Disallowed List identifies local or toll numbers that the extension user is not allowed to dial, even if the extension is otherwise unrestricted. Disallowed Lists can be used as an alternative to, or in conjunction with, calling restrictions.

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Both Allowed Lists and Disallowed Lists are assigned to individual extensions.

Disallowed Lists can also be used in conjunction with Remote Access to restrict calls made through the system from remote locations. In this case, Disallowed Lists can be assigned to either specific Remote Access barrier codes or (if barrier codes are not used) to specific types of lines/trunks (all tie/Direct Inward Dialing (DID) and all non-tie/non-DID trunks).

Security Concern

Do not assign any Allowed List to a Remote Access barrier code or to the default class of restriction (COR) for all tie or all non-tie trunks. When used in conjunction with toll and local restrictions applied to the barrier code or COR, Allowed Lists do not work.

Allowed / Disallowed Lists Feature


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