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The Authorization Code feature allows you to pick up someone else's telephone, enter your authorization code, and complete a call with the restrictions that apply to your own telephone (home extension). This includes Toll Restrictions, outward restriction, Facility Restriction Level (FRL), Allowed Lists, Disallowed Lists, Forced Account Code Entry, Night Service Exclusion List, and dial access to pools. All other functions on the telephone are those of the extension you are using, not your home extension. The Authorization Code feature (Hybrid/PBX mode only) allows you to use your home extension FRL when placing private network calls.

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Each entry of an authorization code provides restriction privileges for a single telephone call. If you put the first call on hold and start to make an outside call, the Authorization Code button's green LED goes off. If you wish to make another call, you must reactivate the Authorization Code feature in order to obtain the restriction privileges of the home extension. Authorization codes can also be used for call control and call accounting through the SMDR printout. SMDR may be programmed so that when no account code is entered, either the home extension number or the authorization code is recorded in the ACCOUNT field. The factory setting lists the home extension number in the ACCOUNT field.

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An authorization code can range from 2 to 11 characters and must be unique across the system. However, more than one user can use an authorization code simultaneously. Authorization codes do not have a set, system-wide length.

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