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Automatic Route Selection (ARS)Feature

ARS is available only in Hybrid/PBX mode. ARS allows outgoing calls to be dynamically routed over selected facilities after dialing an ARS access code (usually 9). This enables the system to select the least expensive route for each call.

Local system users (Hybrid/PBX mode only) can use ARS to access lines/trunks connected to another MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System or to a DEFINITY Enterprise Communications Server (ECS) or DEFINITY ProLogix Solutions system. The connection to the networked system is made by using tandem tie (T1-emulated or analog) or tandem PRI trunks.

Programmable lists, called tables, indicate the desired routes (line/trunk facilities) for specified area codes and/or exchanges. There is a different ARS table for each type of call (local, toll, special number, and so on). The tables are chosen according to the telephone number digits that are dialed by a user. Each ARS table has a particular pool to which it routes calls.

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ARS restrictions (FRLs) operate independently of dial-access-to-pool restrictions, providing greater flexibility in assigning the type of usage an extension is allowed.

The international dialing code (011) can be included in a local exchange or 6-digit table. If this is done, calls beginning with 011 are routed according to the table on which 011 is entered, and not according to the Dial 0 Table.

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A non-local system's ARS access code must not be included in the non-local dial plan. To do so would allow users to dial out of the remote networked systems, bypassing local restrictions. If you attempt to include the local system's ARS access code in the non-local dial plan, the programming is blocked. In a network, it is recommended that all systems use the same ARS access code.

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Automatic Route Selection (ARS) Feature


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