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Barge-In Feature

Barge-In allows a caller to contact a co-worker in an emergency or when the caller has been given special instructions to interrupt. If the extension is busy, Barge-In includes the user in the call. If Do Not Disturb is activated, Barge-In overrides the feature and makes the telephone ring.

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On multiline telephones, except QCCs, the caller interrupts a call or overrides Do Not Disturb by calling the extension number and then pressing the programmed Barge-In button. On a QCC, an operator presses the Feature button and selects Barge In from the display.

A tone, heard by the user and the people on the call, signals that the user has joined a conversation in progress. Ringing indicates that Do Not Disturb is on at the extension.

Barge-In is similar to the Service Observing feature in that both features gain access to a call already in progress. The person barging in, however, can talk to the other parties on the call; the Service Observer can only listen in on the call.

Barge-In does not override Privacy.

If Caller A is in the process of dialing and Caller B uses Barge-In to reach Caller A, the Touch Tones generated by dialing cancel the Barge-In tone. As a result, Caller A may not be aware that someone else is joining the call.

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A Barge-In button can be programmed only through centralized telephone programming.

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Barge-In Feature


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