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Basic Rate Interface (BRI)

BRI, like PRI, is a standard protocol for accessing Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) services. By using BRI, the MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System can connect its users to the speed and accuracy of ISDN services.

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BRI lines offer the capability of voice, high-speed data, local area network (LAN) interconnection, and video transmission. BRI lines (along with PRI and T1 Switched 56) also allow you to take advantage of the 2B Data feature for videoconferencing systems with ISDN-BRI interfaces. The 2B Data feature allows one application (such as a desktop video system or a high-speed digital communications device) to use two B-channels for data transfer rates up to 128 kbps.

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The following benefits are provided by NI-1 BRI service:

  • Speed. Data calls to outside destinations can be established on the same B-channels used for voice calls if the service allows; modems and dedicated, conditioned lines/trunks are not needed. By supporting high-speed digital data transmission, BRI provides the capability for videoconferencing and Group IV (G4) fax by using existing wiring. Each B-channel supports up to 64 kbps throughput.

  • Improved Toll Restriction. The ways that Toll Restriction can be bypassed are limited on BRI lines/trunks. Specifically, BRI service eliminates three types of toll fraud:

    • Because dialing is in the form of out-of-band messages that must be generated by the system, a person cannot use a Touch-Tone generating device, such as a pocket dialer, to send dialed digits directly through the system to the line/trunk.

    • Without BRI service, Toll Restriction can be deceived by dialing digits on a loop-start line before the far-end switch applies dial tone. These initial digits may indicate a local call to the system's toll-restriction checking while the subsequent digits, those actually recognized by the far-end switch, may produce a toll call. This is not possible with BRI service, because the system's toll-restriction check screens every dialed digit.

    • A BRI line's far-end disconnect signal provides a reliable indication when a call ends, and a new call cannot be initiated until the line has been released from the prior call on both ends. This prevents a person, waiting off-hook for the restoration of dial tone after a previous call, from placing a second call before Toll Restriction is reapplied.

  • Reliable Indication of Far-End Disconnect. This prevents an incoming call from being blocked because a line/trunk has not been released when a call is ended.


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Basic Rate Interface (BRI)

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