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Call Waiting Feature

When an extension is programmed with Call Waiting, you hear a tone when you are off-hook and another call arrives. For an inside call, you hear one beep; for an outside call, you hear two beeps. With a 4400-Series or MLX display telephone, you also see Call Waiting on the display. The caller hears a special ringback to indicate that the extension is busy and that the call-waiting tone has been sent.

Business Telephone Systems

The Call Waiting feature is supplied by the MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System and is not the same as the Call Waiting supplied by the central office.

A multiline telephone is considered busy when no SA or ICOM buttons are available for incoming calls and, if Coverage is programmed, all coverage points are busy.

When the called party frees an SA or ICOM button and there is a call waiting, the caller hears dequeuing tone, and the waiting call appears on the free SA or ICOM button of the called party.

Avaya IP Office

A single-line telephone is considered busy when a call rings on the telephone or the user lifts the handset and, if Coverage is programmed, all coverage points are busy.

Each extension can be programmed with Call Waiting on or off. The default is Call Waiting off.

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Call Waiting Feature

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