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Callback provides an easy way to complete calls to busy extensions and, in Hybrid/PBX mode, to outside numbers when all lines/trunks are busy in the pool through which calls are made.

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Two types of Callback can be programmed for an extension:

  • Automatic. Callback is activated automatically whenever the caller reaches a busy extension or when all lines/trunks in a pool are busy. This feature is set to on or off for each extension.

  • Selective. Callback is activated only when a caller chooses it by dialing a feature code or, on multiline telephones, by pressing a programmed Selective Callback button. On 4412D+, 4424D+, 4424LD+, and MLX display telephones, a caller can also select the feature from the display.

When Automatic Callback is on and a caller reaches a busy extension or pool, he or she hears the queuing tone (five short beeps) instead of the busy tone. The tone indicates that the system is putting the call into the callback queue.

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When a caller wishes to use Selective Callback for a call and reaches a busy extension, he or she must activate Selective Callback while listening to the busy signal. If the caller tries to make a call by using a pool in which all lines/trunks are busy, he or she hears a fast busy signal immediately after dialing the pool dial-out code. After activating selective Callback, the caller hears the queuing tone and the call is added to the Callback queue.

With both types of Callback, a caller can either stay on the line until the call is completed or hang up.

  • If the caller stays on the line, the red and green LEDs next to the line button are lit. When the busy extension or pool is available, the caller hears the out-of-queue tone (three short beeps) and the call is completed automatically.

  • If the caller hangs up, the green LED next to the line button flashes, indicating that the button is being held for the queued call. When the busy extension or pool is available, the caller hears a priority ring (three bursts and one long ring on a 4400-Series, MLX, ETR, TransTalk 9031/9040, Business Cordless 905, or MLS telephone). If the user does not answer the callback call within the number of rings programmed for the system (1-6), the Callback request is cancelled.

For inside and outside calls, the caller hears ringback when the extension is available, but the system does not make the call until the caller picks up.

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