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Calling Restrictions Feature

The Calling Restrictions features are used to control outgoing calls from individual extensions, specific pools, types of lines/trunks used for Remote Access, or specific lines/trunks associated with individual barrier codes. When used in conjunction with ARS, calling restrictions can be used to apply ARS FRLs on specific extensions, routes, types of lines/trunks used for Remote Access, and specific lines/trunks associated with individual barrier codes. (Incoming calls are never restricted.) Through calling restrictions, users at individual extensions can be restricted from making certain types of calls, as described in the following sections.

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In Hybrid/PBX mode, a user on an outward-restricted extension can receive a PSTN call, or can make or receive a private network call. Such an extension cannot be used to make an ARS call, except to emergency numbers.

Only outgoing calls are affected; users can receive inside, local, and toll calls on restricted extensions and can join any type of call in progress.

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When a user with an outward-restricted extension presses the dialpad while on a call, the call is disconnected, a fast busy signal sounds, and the line/trunk is released. The system assumes that the user is trying to make an outside call, which is not allowed because of the outward restriction assigned to the extension.


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Calling Restrictions Feature

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