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Camp-On Feature

Camp-On allows you to complete a transfer to a busy extension. The call is put on hold until the extension can receive a call; then it rings automatically. While the call is on hold, the caller (inside or outside) hears special ringback. A Call Waiting tone sounds at the busy extension to indicate that a call is waiting. If you do not answer the call within the programmed Camp-On return interval (30-300 seconds), the call returns to the originator. The originator hears a priority ring (one ring and two beeps) to indicate a returning Camp-On call.

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Camp-On can also be used to complete a transfer to an extension that is not busy. This can increase the amount of time before the call returns to the originator, because the return call is timed according to the Camp-On return interval (30-300 seconds) instead of the transfer return interval (1-9 rings). Camp-On can be activated by using either a programmed button or a feature code.

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Camp-On Feature

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