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Centrex Operation

Centrex is an optional telephone service that business customers can obtain from telephone companies. A Centrex line provides access to telephone features similar to those available from a PBX switch located on the customer's premises. Basic Centrex features often include the following:

  • Transfer
  • Three-way Conference
  • Drop
  • Hold
  • Recall
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Pickup
  • Group Pickup
  • Automatic Callback

Additional features, such as speed dialing and night service, may also be available from some telephone companies. Centrex features other than those specifically discussed in this section are accessed by sending a switchhook flash and dialing the appropriate feature code required by the Centrex system. These codes are not intercepted or interpreted by the system.

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To use the features available through Centrex, dial a Centrex feature code from a Touch-Tone telephone or analog data device. Some features must be programmed by the telephone company at the central office. The system can be configured for either full or limited Centrex service.

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Outside calls arriving on Centrex analog loop-start facilities can be forwarded to an outside number using the Centrex Transfer via Remote Call Forwarding feature. This system feature allows remote forwarding of calls on the same line that received them, saving system resources by freeing the line for another call.


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Centrex Operation

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