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Copy Options

Use this procedure to copy options assigned to loop-start or ground-start trunks, tie trunks, or DID trunks to other trunks. Many of these options apply to Hybrid/PBX systems only. The following information is copied for each line/trunk type:

  • Loop-Start or Ground-Start Trunks (including those emulated on T1 facilities). Toll type, signaling type, and trunk pool assignment (Hybrid/PBX only).

  • Tie Trunks. Direction, tie trunk type, E&M signal, dial mode, dial tone, answer supervision time, disconnect time, and trunk pool assignment (Hybrid/PBX only).

  • DID Trunks (Hybrid/PBX only). Block assignment and disconnect time.

PBX Telephone Systems

To find out whether there is an optional feature assigned that you would like to copy, use Inspect from the system programming console or from the WinSPM program running on a PC.

You can copy options to a block of lines/trunks only if they are all of the same type (loop-start, ground-start, Tie, or DID). If you attempt to copy assignments and there is a mismatch in line/trunk type, information is copied to that point only. You receive no error message.

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If you are copying options to a block of lines/trunks, they must be sequentially numbered.

If the block you are copying to includes an invalid line/trunk type, the copying process stops at the invalid type. Only the lines/trunks that were copied to before the invalid type was found are copied successfully.

If you are copying assignments to a block of lines/trunks and one of the lines or trunks is in use, you see the message Trunk Busy - Pls wait on your display. The copying for the rest of the lines/trunks in the block is delayed until the busy line/trunk becomes idle. If you exit without waiting for the copying to complete, the copying done up to that point is not cancelled.

The Inspect feature must be programmed on a line button on the 4424LD+ telephone and is a fixed button on the MLX-20L telephone.


For assistance with this feature call to speak with one of our technicians 800-429-0077

Copy Options Feature


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