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Coverage Feature

Coverage allows a call ringing at one extension (a sender) to ring at another extension (a receiver) at the same time and to be answered at either extension. It is not necessary for the sender and receiver to have shared Personal Lines or Shared SA buttons. A coverage sender, whose calls are covered, can be an individual extension (Individual Coverage) or a group of extensions (Group Coverage).

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An extension becomes a sender and has its calls covered in either or both of the following ways:

  • An Individual Cover button is programmed for the sender on the multiline telephone of a receiver.
  • The sender is made a part of a coverage group through system programming. A receiver for the group is programmed in any of the following ways:

  • A Group Cover button is programmed for the group on a multiline telephone (a receiver).
  • The QCC queue is programmed to be a receiver for the group.
  • A Calling Group is programmed to be a receiver for the group (this option can be used to provide voice mail coverage for a coverage group).

Additional settings allow System Managers to customize coverage delays on an extension-by-extension basis, rather than by specifying delay intervals for all extensions on the system. These extension timers replace the system-wide settings for Coverage Delay Interval and Delay Ring Interval.

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Coverage Feature

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