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Digital Data Calls

The MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System supports many options for high-speed digital data transfer over Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and T1 Switched 56 facilities, or between two extensions on the MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System. To transfer data, you must have an ISDN terminal adapter or other system-compatible digital communications device connected to an MLX port.

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A communications device may be included in a hardware and software application, for example, a video system.

The supported connections for making digital data calls are:

  • ISDN PRI lines
  • ISDN BRI lines
  • T1 Switched 56 lines

An extension that includes a digital data communications equipment (DCE) device is called a digital data workstation. It may or may not include a telephone, but it is always connected to at least one MLX extension jack. If the DCE includes an ISDN-BRI interface, it can use the system's 2B Data feature to combine the B-channels of a single MLX jack. Many group and desktop videoconferencing systems support 2B data, as do some DCE devices used for data only (not video) communications.

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If a videoconferencing system requires two B-channels but does not have an ISDN-BRI interface (some older group video systems have V.35 interfaces, for example), it may need to use the adjunct extension numbers of two different MLX extension jacks.


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Digital Data Calls

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