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Direct-Line Console

A Direct-Line Console (DLC) is an answering position that system operators use to:

  • Answer outside calls that are not directed to an individual user or group.
  • Answer inside calls.
  • Transfer inside and outside calls to local or non-local extensions or to an outside telephone number.
  • Make outside calls, for example, for users with extensions restricted from making outside calls.
  • Set up conference calls.
  • Monitor system operation.
  • Monitor group member or room status when used with Extension Status in calling group Call Management System (CMS) or Hotel mode.

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A DLC operates like other multiline telephones. In all three modes of operation, outside lines are assigned as personal lines to individual buttons on the console. The lines assigned on an individual DLC can also be assigned to buttons on other consoles or other extensions. Incoming calls can ring on any of the line buttons, and several calls can ring simultaneously. The operator uses the Transfer button to direct calls to other extensions or outside numbers.

VoIP Telephones

The maximum number of DLC operator positions is eight. These can be all DLCs or a mixture of DLCs and QCCs. When both DLCs and QCCs are assigned, no more than four can be QCCs. In a system with both DLC and QCC positions, the primary system operator position must be a QCC. The primary operator position is the first (lowest) jack on the first TDL or MLX extension module.

A maximum of two DLCs can be assigned for each TDL or MLX extension jack module.

A DLC cannot be located off premises.

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Direct-Line Console

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