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Direct Station Selector

One or two Direct Station Selectors (DSSs) can be connected to a 4412D+, 4424D+, 4424LD+, MLX-20L, or MLX-28D telephone assigned as an operator position. (The DSS for 4400-Series telephones is the DSS 4450.) The DSS enhances the call-handling capabilities of an operator with a Direct-Line Console (DLC) or a QCC. When connected to a 4424LD+ or MLX-20L telephone used as a system programming console, the DSS facilitates system programming and centralized telephone programming procedures. When used with the Extension Status feature or by a Calling Group supervisor, the DSS allows you to determine, at a glance, Calling Group member status or room status.

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The DSS provides the following call-handling capabilities or information:

  • One-touch dialing of inside extensions
  • One-touch Transfer
  • One-touch Hold (DLC only)
  • On-hook, off-hook, or Do Not Disturb status of extensions in the system
  • Extension status indication (group member or room status)
  • Calling Group queue status
  • Message-waiting LED status
  • Operator Park Zones
  • Dialing of non-local extensions

The DSS has an array of 50 buttons, called DSS buttons , with red LEDs. A maximum of two DSSs can be connected to provide a field of 100 buttons. Ten additional fixed-feature buttons with green LEDs are at the bottom of the DSS. The first three (from left to right) on the top row are Page buttons, which are used to select the range of extension numbers represented by the DSS buttons. A fourth button (lower leftmost) is the Message Status button, which is used to turn the message status operation on and off. When you are using the Message Status feature, the LED next to each DSS button for a local extension indicates whether or not a message is waiting from a system operator. The remaining six buttons on the first DSS and the 10 buttons at the bottom of the second DSS are not operable (reserved for future use), except on a QCC, where the rightmost button on the second to last row of the first DSS activates the Direct Voice Mail feature for local extensions.

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Direct Station Selector Feature


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