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Directories Feature

The Directory feature is a built-in, interactive telephone book that stores listings of names and telephone or extension numbers. People with 4412D+, 4424D+, 4424LD+, or MLX display telephones can dial numbers by selecting listings from the display.

Business Telephone Systems

Directory listings are divided into three types:

  • System Directory - Names and numbers of outside contacts (such as clients and suppliers). These listings are created in system programming and are assigned System Speed Dial codes to allow users with telephones other than 4400-Series or MLX display telephones to dial these listings in the directory. See Speed Dial for details.
  • Extension Directory (4412D+, 4424D+, 4424LD+, and MLX display telephones only) - System extensions and the names of the users assigned to them. This directory can be accessed only with a name. Names are added to the directory by using the Labeling feature of system programming.
  • Personal Directory (4424LD+ and MLX-20L telephones only) - Individual users' listings of names and numbers, that is, outside telephone numbers and extensions. This directory is accessible only at the extension where it was created or through system programming.

Business Telephone System

The Directory feature is not supported for TransTalk 9031/9040, Business Cordless 905, ETR, and MLS telephones.

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Directories Feature

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