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Do Not Disturb Feature

Do Not Disturb prevents calls from ringing and prevents paging over a speakerphone. When you turn on the feature and receive an outside call, the caller hears ringback, but your telephone does not ring. The green LED next to the line button with the ringing call flashes to indicate an incoming call, and, if you choose, you can answer the call. If the feature is turned on and you receive an inside call, the inside caller hears a busy signal. The telephone does not ring, and the green LED next to an SA or ICOM button does not flash.

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The types of priority calls listed below override Do Not Disturb and cause the telephone to ring; the green LED also flashes:

  • A call (including a transferred call) from any coverage receiver to a sender with Do Not Disturb feature on.
  • A Barge-In call.
  • A returning transferred or camped-on call, or a parked call returning to a DLC operator.
  • A Callback call, notifying you that a call to a busy extension or to a busy pool (Hybrid/PBX mode only) can be completed.
  • A Reminder call.

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When a user turns on the feature, the system automatically posts the message DO NOT DISTURB. Users with ETR, MLS, MLX-10, or MLX-5 nondisplay telephones must program a Posted Message button in order to display the message for callers. This message appears on the Home screen of a 4400-Series, TransTalk 9040 (when connected to a TDL port), or MLX display telephone with Do Not Disturb turned on. If you have a MERLIN MAGIX system of Release 1.5 or later and a MERLIN Messaging System of Release 2.5 or later, a > appears after the number of New and Old messages, indicating that the message ( DO NOT DISTURB ) appears on Page 2 of the Home screen.

DO NOT DISTURB also appears on the screen of any 4400-Series, MLX, TransTalk 9031/9040, Business Cordless 905, and MLS telephone that is used to call an extension that has the feature turned on. When you turn off DO NOT DISTURB, the system automatically removes the message. You can also post and remove the message by using a programmed Posted Messages button. Using this button, however, only posts or removes the message; it does not turn on or turn off the DO NOT DISTURB feature.

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Do Not Disturb Feature

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