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Fax Extension Feature

The Fax Extension feature provides special treatment for single-line ports (ports on 016 (T/R) modules and ports programmed for tip/ring operation on 016 ETR modules) when used with a facsimile machine or fax modem. This special treatment disables those features normally provided to single-line ports but not suitable for fax machines, such as:

  • Distinctive ringing
  • Call Waiting
  • Transfer, Hold, and Conference

In addition to the above, the Fax Extension feature also provides the ability to notify certain extensions when a fax is received by turning on the Message LED. Extensions so enabled are called fax message-waiting receivers.


 The Fax Message Threshold setting is the length of time (0-30 seconds) before the system assumes that a fax has arrived. When a fax extension answers a call, the MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System waits until the fax message threshold is exceeded and then sends a message-waiting indication to the designated message-waiting extension(s). If the message-waiting telephone has a Message LED, the Message LED turns on. Single-line telephone users without a Message LED hear a stutter dial tone when a message is waiting. Telephones located off premises are unable to receive message-waiting indications.   

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Return Call is not operable for messages received from a fax machine and cannot be used to make a call to the fax. (Return Call is a feature available on 4400-Series and MLX display telephones, including QCCs, that enables a user to automatically call an extension that has left a message.)


The Fax Extension feature overrides the distinctive ringing pattern for calls transferred to a fax extension. When a fax extension receives a transferred call, it provides one long ring (similar to an inside call) instead of three short rings.

To use the Fax Extension feature, perform the following system programming tasks for each fax machine:

  1. Specify the tip/ring extension connected to the fax machine or fax modem.
  2. Specify the extension or extensions to receive the message-waiting indication.
  3. Specify the number of seconds the system waits before it registers that a fax has arrived and sends the message-waiting indication. (This is the Fax Message Threshold, which is a system-wide parameter.) The range is 0-30 seconds, with a default of 10 seconds.

For assistance with this feature call to speak with one of our technicians 800-429-0077

Fax Extension Feature

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