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Group Calling

Group Calling is used to direct incoming calls to a specific group of telephones (a calling group). A calling group is a team of individuals who answer and handle the same kinds of calls—for example, high-volume work groups such as sales, service, marketing, repair, and technical support. Also, fax machines that receive a large number of fax messages can be placed in a calling group to allow multiple calls to be sent.

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Through Group Calling, all members in the calling group are assigned to a single extension number. Specific lines/trunks can be assigned to ring directly into the calling group so that outside callers can dial a published telephone number to reach the group, bypassing the operator.

All members of a calling group must be connected to the same local system. A calling group may have a single non-local member that is defined under the Uniform Dial Plan as existing on another EXPRESSO Communications System connected by a tandem trunk to the local system. A calling group can have a single non-local member or several local extensions. The same calling group cannot have both local members and a non-local member.

A calling group containing a single non-local member can be used for most of the same purposes as a calling group containing only local extensions.

Individual calling group member extensions are assigned an extension number, allowing a group member to receive calls as an individual and as a group member. Outside calls that come into a calling group are usually not intended for a particular group member and can be handled by any member. Inside callers, however, can reach a specific calling group member by dialing the individual extension number assigned to the member.


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Group Calling Feature


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