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Headset Options Feature

Four headset options are provided for 4400-Series and MLX telephone users and operators who have an optional headset adjunct:

  • Headset Hang Up (except for QCC)
  • Headset Status
  • Headset Auto Answer
  • Headset/Handset Mute (MLX telephones only; use the fixed Mute button on the multiline 4400-Series telephones.)

For information on the specific headset used with the telephone (for example, On/Off button operation or options), see the documentation packaged with the headset.

The headset, handset, and speakerphone can be used only one at a time on MLX telephones.

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On multiline 4400-Series telephones, if you pick up the handset while you are using the headset, you can hear the conversation, but you cannot use the handset to speak.

Headset Hang Up cannot be programmed on a QCC.

Headset options cannot be used on single-line telephones.

A headset user must manually select a line button (or Call button on the QCC) before making an inside or outside call.

On a 4424LD+ telephone programmed as a DLC and with a programmed Headset Hangup button, if Headset Auto Answer is activated, calls are automatically answered whether or not Headset Status is activated or even present on the telephone.

A user can press the Speaker button to move the call from the headset to the speakerphone.

Privacy should be programmed when headset users with Headset Auto Answer turned on either have Shared SA buttons or share one or more Personal Lines. Privacy keeps people from competing for the same call. When two or more users answer the same call on an SSA or Personal Line button, the red and green LEDs next to the button go on, but only one person can talk with the caller.

Headset users should press the programmed Headset Hangup button after each call. If the user does not press the Headset Hangup button, new calls still arrive correctly, but the LED status of the extension (as shown on other extensions and DSSs) is not updated. If the caller hangs up and a reliable disconnect is received by the system, the user does not have to press the Headset Hangup button, and the LEDs are automatically updated.

A telephone user or operator cannot use feature codes or extension programming to activate Headset Hang Up. This feature must be programmed on a button through centralized telephone programming.

A telephone user or operator cannot use feature codes to turn Headset Auto Answer, Headset/Handset Mute, or Headset Status on or off. These features must be programmed on buttons through either extension programming or centralized telephone programming.

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Headset Options Feature

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