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Hotline Feature

The HotLine feature allows System Managers to program single-line telephone extensions connected to 008 OPT or 016 (T/R) modules for HotLine operation. Ports on the 016 ETR modules that have been programmed for tip/ring operation may also be used for HotLine operation. When the HotLine feature is programmed, a user dials an inside or outside telephone number by lifting the handset of the telephone.

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The HotLine feature works in conjunction with Personal Speed Dial programming to automatically dial the first programmed Personal Speed Dial number (code 01) as soon as someone goes off-hook at the single-line telephone.

This feature is intended to allow easy access to a telephone number in sales, hotel, and other environments. HotLine extensions, for security reasons, are not intended to perform any function other than immediate and convenient dialing of a single telephone or extension number. Because a switchhook flash from a HotLine extension is not recognized by the system, the Hold, Conference, and Transfer features are not available.

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If the single-line telephone includes a dialpad, a user can dial digits after the call is connected. This allows the use of an integrated voice response or Automated Attendant menu.

The HotLine feature uses the existing Personal Speed Dial code 01 for a single-line telephone extension. Prior to the assignment of an extension as a HotLine, the required Personal Speed Dial number can be programmed at the extension or through centralized telephone programming. After an extension has been programmed as a HotLine, there is only one opportunity to program a Personal Speed Dial code at the telephone. For security reasons, any subsequent changes must be made through centralized telephone programming. No further programming of any kind can be performed at the telephone.

The Personal Speed Dial number used at a single-line telephone HotLine can be an inside extension number, an outside number including ARS or pool access codes (Hybrid/PBX mode only), a long-distance service access code, or an Idle Line Access code (usually 9). Personal Speed Dial numbers are limited to 40 characters.

A HotLine extension can access any personal, SA, or ICOM line normally used for outgoing voice calls, as programmed using Automatic Line Selection (ALS) or Idle Line Access (Key and Behind Switch modes). For outside calls, a Personal Line is recommended.


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Hotline Feature

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