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Inspect Feature

Inspect allows a multiline 4400-Series or MLX display telephone user who is on a call to see call information about an incoming call that is ringing, alerting, or on hold. You also can use Inspect during programming to reveal whether or not a button on your telephone has been programmed with a feature.

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Call information includes whether it is an inside or outside call, any programmed labels for the caller (such as the inside caller's name or the label assigned to the outside line), and how the call came to the user (transferred, coverage call, forwarded, and so on). Inspect also can be used to inventory what is programmed on the telephone's buttons.

On a system programming console (4424LD+ or MLX-20L telephone only), you can use Inspect to view the entries you save or to check a value already programmed for a feature. This helps when you are modifying features. Also use Inspect when you program sequential extensions or lines to verify the last number programmed.

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While the Inspect button is a fixed button on MLX display telephones (Inspct), you must program an Inspect button on a 4400-Series telephone. Use the programming code *778.

To use Inspect to screen incoming calls while on another call or to identify callers on hold, press the programmed Inspect button (4400-Series telephones) or the fixed Inspct button (MLX telephones) and then press the line button with the incoming or held call. The call information is displayed on the Inspect screen.

To inspect a programmed button, press the programmed Inspect button (4400-Series telephones) or the fixed Inspct button (MLX telephones) and then the programmed button. The name of the feature programmed on the button is displayed on the screen. However, pressing a programmed Redial or Saved Number Dial button shows the telephone number stored. If no number is stored, the feature name is displayed.

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Inspect Feature

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