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Labeling Feature

Through the use of the Labeling feature, the System Manager can program the system to provide identification information (called labels) and posted messages on display telephones. Alphanumeric labels can be assigned to the following:

  • System Directory Listings - To identify the company or person associated with a specific System Speed Dial number. This information appears when a user activates the System Directory feature.
  • Extension Directory Listings - To identify the name of a person or room (for example, a conference room) associated with an extension. This information displays when a user receives an inside call, when a co-worker leaves a message, or when a user accesses the Extension Directory.
  • Personal Directory Listings - To identify the name of the person or business associated with a frequently called personal number. This information is displayed when a 4424LD+ or MLX-20L telephone user accesses a Personal Directory.
  • Outside and Tandem Lines/Trunks - To identify the type of line/trunk (for example, WATS or tie), the telephone number, or the department to which the line/trunk belongs. This information displays when a user makes or receives an outside call.
  • Calling Groups - To identify the group. This information is displayed when a group member answers a group call.
  • Non-Local UDP Extensions (Hybrid/PBX mode only) - Depending upon display preference settings and trunk type, the alphanumeric label for non-local network extensions can appear on the displays for incoming calls to 4400-Series, TransTalk 9040 (when connected to TDL ports), and MLX display telephones.

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Labeling is also used to create messages that can be posted to a caller with a display telephone to explain why a person is not answering his or her telephone. Each posted message has a number. To post a message, enter the message number. The Table below lists the factory-set posted messages and their numbers. When another user with a display telephone calls, the message is displayed on the caller's telephone.

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Factory-Set Posted Messages and Their Codes




DO NOT DISTURB (not modifiable)


OUT TO LUNCH (modifiable)


AT HOME (modifiable)


OUT SICK (modifiable)


IN A MEETING (modifiable)


IN CONFERENCE (modifiable)


WITH A CLIENT (modifiable)


WITH A CUSTOMER (modifiable)


AWAY FROM DESK (modifiable)


OUT ALL DAY (modifiable)


CUSTMMSG 11, 12,... (for customer-created messages)

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Labeling Feature

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