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Line Request Feature

If a user wants to make a call on a busy outside line assigned to a button, Line Request notifies the user when the line becomes available. When an outside line is busy, the green LED next to the button is on or flashing.

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Line Request is automatically available and does not require programming. To request the busy line, the multiline telephone user presses the line button for the busy line without lifting the handset. The red LED next to the line button turns on, and, when the line becomes available, the telephone automatically alerts the user with a beep. To make a call using the requested line, the user lifts the handset or presses the Speaker button.

VoIP Telephones

Line Request is cancelled if the user presses another line button or makes or receives a call.

Line Request applies to Personal Lines only, not to pools or to lines on SA or ICOM buttons. To complete calls to busy extensions, or to complete calls to outside numbers using a pool in which all lines/trunks are busy, use Callback.

Line Request does not reserve the line; it only alerts you that the line is available.

Line Request cannot be used for an SA or ICOM button.

Line Request cannot be used on a single-line telephone or on a Queued Call Console (QCC).

In Hybrid/PBX mode, Line Request cannot be used on a Pool button or for a busy pool.

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Line Request Feature

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