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Music-On-Hold can provide music or recorded information to an outside or private-network caller when the following features are used:

      • Conference (while on hold)
      • Group Calling (while waiting in the Calling Group queue for a busy extension after listening to the delay announcement)
      • Hold

The music source or recorded announcement device must be connected to a ground-start or loop-start line/trunk jack programmed for Music-On-Hold. If Music-On-Hold is used without connecting a music source properly, an outside caller hears nothing.

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In addition, Music-On-Hold can be programmed for the Transfer Audible feature as an alternative to ringback in the following feature interactions:

  • Camp-On
  • Hold, Transfer, and Conference for single-line telephones
  • Park
  • Transfer
  • Private network calls

If transfer audible is programmed, what callers hear is described in the Call Types and Transfer Audible table.

VoIP Telephones

Music-On-Hold is not provided to inside callers.

Music-On-Hold is never heard by callers in the Queued Call Console queue.

For assistance with this feature call to speak with one of our technicians 800-429-0077

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