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Park Feature

Park puts a call on hold so that it can be picked up from any extension in the system. A user can park a call and then pick it up at another telephone, or can use paging to announce the call so that another person can pick it up. A parked call is picked up using the Pickup feature.

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A user (but not a QCC operator) can park calls at his or her own extension by activating Park during the call, or by pressing the Transfer button, dialing his or her own extension number, and pressing the Transfer button again to complete the transfer. The green LED winks at the button where the call is parked and at all other associated SA and Shared SA buttons. At least two SA or ICOM buttons are required to use Park this way, and if you must park more than one call at a time, additional SA or ICOM buttons should be assigned to your telephone.

If a parked call is not picked up within the call park return interval (30-300 seconds; the factory setting is 180 seconds), the call returns to and rings at the extension that parked the call. Returning parked calls for a QCC operator can be programmed to return to a different operator.

Phone Equipment

The system also automatically reserves eight extensions (881-888) on which operators can park calls. Only operators can use these park-zone extensions.

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Park Feature

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