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Hybrid/PBX mode allows outside lines/trunks to be grouped together in pools. Users select lines/trunks by using SA buttons, instead of having separate buttons for each line/trunk in the system. To access pools using SA buttons, people dial pool dial-out codes. Pools also can be assigned to buttons on one or more telephones to allow a user to select the pool without dialing the pool dial-out code or ARS access code. The factory setting does not allow any extensions to use pool dial-out codes. To allow a user to access a pool by entering a dial-out code, the System Manager must remove the restriction for the dial-out code and the extension.

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When the system is set up and the Hybrid/PBX mode of operation is selected, the system automatically groups lines/trunks into the following pools:

  • All loop-start lines (basic and special-purpose) are assigned to the main pool. The factory-set extension number for the main pool is 70.
  • All trunks programmed as ground-start are assigned to the pool with the factory-set extension number 890.
  • All dial-in tie trunks are assigned to the pool with the factory-set extension number 891.
  • All automatic-in tie trunks are assigned to the pool with the factory-set extension number 892.

The system can have a maximum of 11 pools. Each pool can be assigned to a button on a maximum of 64 extensions. The number of lines/trunks in each pool is limited only by the number of lines/trunks connected to the system. A line/trunk, however, can be assigned to only one pool.

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Consider the following points when planning pools:

  • All private networked trunks must be assigned to pools; a different pool should be used for each type of trunk (T1-emulated tie trunks, PRI trunks, and analog tie trunks).
  • If a directly networked system has no trunks connected to the public switched telephone network, the pool and ARS assignments listed below are required in order to make equal access (10xxx, 101xxxx, also called Interexchange or IXC) calls.
  • The local system must have its networked trunks assigned to the main pool.
  • The local ARS access code is automatically prepended to the dialed number.
  • The local ARS access code must match that of a remote system that is networked to the local system.

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