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Privacy Feature

Privacy prevents other people from joining calls on shared Personal Lines or Shared SA buttons. Privacy also prevents Barge-In from being used to join a call.

An extension user can turn on Privacy before or during a call, and it remains on for all calls to and from that extension until the user turns it off.

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When Privacy is turned on at an extension, anyone selecting a shared Personal Line or Shared SA button on which a call is active hears silence, instead of joining the call. A person using Barge-In hears a busy signal when trying to join a call on a telephone with Privacy turned on.

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If Privacy is turned on while a call is in progress, it does not affect anyone who has already joined the call but prevents other users from joining the call.

Privacy must be turned on manually at modem data-only workstations and MLX voice and modem workstations connected to a Multi-Function Module.

If a multiline telephone user intends to use Privacy, he or she should program a button for it, so that the green LED next to the button gives a visual reminder when Privacy is turned on.

4400 and single-line telephone users receive no indication of whether Privacy is on or off.

Privacy is automatically on at data workstations, except for modem data-only workstations and for MLX voice and modem data stations, where Privacy can be activated as part of the dialing sequence.


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Privacy Feature

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