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Queued Call Console (QCC)

The QCC is an answering position available only in Hybrid/PBX mode. The QCC is a 4424LD+ or MLX-20L telephone used by operators to do the following:

  • Answer outside calls that are directed either to the QCC queue or to a specific QCC operator.
  • Answer inside calls either to the operator or to a specific QCC operator's extension.
  • Direct (extend) inside and outside calls either to an extension or to an outside telephone number.
  • Serve as a message center.
  • Make outside calls, for example, for users with extensions restricted from making outside calls.
  • Set up conference calls.
  • Monitor system operation.

  • Avaya Office Business PBX Telephone Systems

    The system can have up to four QCCs. QCCs can be designated as follows:

  • Two for each 412 LS-ID-TDL module (4424LD+ telephones) assigned to the first and fifth extension jacks.
  • Four for each 024 TDL module (4424LD+ telephones) assigned to the first, fifth, thirteenth, and seventeenth jacks.
  • Two for each 008 MLX or 408 GS/LS-MLX module (MLX-20L telephones) assigned to the first and fifth extension jacks.
  • Four for each 016 MLX module (MLX-20L telephones) assigned to the first, fifth, ninth, and thirteenth jacks.
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    The first QCC must be assigned to the first extension jack in the system--that is, to Port 1 of the TDL or MLX module installed in the lowest-numbered slot.

    The first jack on the first TDL or MLX module is factory-set as the primary system operator position. This cannot be changed. The primary system operator is designated to receive Dial 0, Unassigned DID, and LDN calls. If a system has both DLC and QCC operator positions, the factory-set primary operator position must be a QCC.

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    Queued Call Console (QCC) Feature


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