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Reminder Service

With Reminder service, users can arrange for the system to make reminder calls at preset times. Users can set and cancel reminder calls for their own telephones. Direct-Line Console (DLC) operators can set and cancel Reminder service for any telephone in the system (for example, to alert several telephones as a reminder for a meeting or, in a hotel or motel, for wake-up call service). Although reminder service is available for all telephone users, the Alarm Clock feature for display telephones is easier to use and more effective for most purposes.

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When Reminder service is set for a telephone, the system makes a call to the extension at or close to the preset time. (Reminder calls may arrive up to three minutes before or after the set time.) The call rings for 30 seconds or until the telephone is answered. When the call is answered, the reminder is cancelled.

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If a reminder call is not answered or the telephone is busy, the call is considered a missed reminder. If Reminder service has been set and the call is not answered, the green LED flashes next to the Missed Reminder button on the operator's console.

An operator with a display console can press the Missed Reminder button to display any missed reminder messages. This message identifies the name and extension of the missed reminder call, along with the set time for the reminder. The green LED next to the Missed Reminder button lights steadily while missed reminder call messages are being read. After the messages have been read, the operator can use Reminder service to resend a reminder call to an extension. The operator can then clear the missed reminder by pressing the programmed Missed Reminder and Reminder Cancel buttons.

The system time must be set in order for people to use Reminder service. Reminders use system time.

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Reminder Service Feature

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