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Remote Access

The Remote Access feature allows people to use the system by dialing the number of a line/trunk designated for Remote Access. The remote user should be required to dial a barrier code (password) after reaching the system. The system-wide barrier code length is programmed for a minimum of 4 digits and a maximum of 11. After gaining access to the system, a remote user can do any of the following:

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  • Dial extension numbers directly without going through a system operator. Remote callers can call inside extensions, data workstations, or Calling Groups just as if they were calling from an extension within the system.
  • Select a regular or special-purpose outside line (for example, a WATS line) or a pool or ARS line to make outgoing calls. If the pool is busy, the system can be programmed to allow the remote user to use Callback to queue a call for the busy pool.
  • Arrange to have calls forwarded, change the forwarding destination, or cancel forwarding to a telephone inside or outside the system.

Remote Access also allows remote system programming and maintenance.

Security Concern:

Avoid programming a Remote Access line as a destination for Night Service on any published telephone number.

When a person calls into the system on a line/trunk that is programmed for Remote Access, the system answers the call and the caller receives a special dial tone. If a barrier code is not required, the caller can dial an extension, pool dial-out code, ARS code, telephone number, or feature code. If a barrier code is required, the caller dials the required 4- to 11-digit barrier code and receives a second dial tone.

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Remote Access Feature


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