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Saved Number Dial Feature

Saved Number Dial allows a user to save the last number dialed from a multiline telephone and to call the number again without manually redialing. You can save the number even if the called party answers. The saved number is any extension or telephone number dialed using one of the following methods:

  • Dialing the complete number on the dialpad.
  • Dialing the number using a Personal Speed Dial code.
  • Dialing the number using a programmed outside Auto Dial button.
  • Dialing the number using a Redial (programmed or fixed) or Saved Number Dial button.

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Saved Number Dial requires a programmed button. It does not store numbers dialed with an Extension, Personal, or System Directory, an inside Auto Dial button, a System Speed Dial code, or a DSS button.

Unlike Redial, Saved Number Dial replaces the saved number only when you press the programmed Saved Number Dial button before hanging up, not each time you dial a new number.

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The number of Saved Number Dial buttons that can be programmed on each multiline telephone is limited only by the number of available programmable buttons.

Because the type of line button (personal, SA, or ICOM) used to make the call is not stored, select the appropriate line button before using Saved Number Dial to redial a number.

For assistance with this feature call to speak with one of our technicians 800-429-0077

Saved Number Dial Feature

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