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Second Dial Tone Timer Feature

The System Manager can assign a second dial tone timer to lines and trunks. This feature helps prevent toll fraud when a company uses special services from the telephone service provider (for example, when star codes are used). Most telephone service providers offer special services that involve a second dial tone. For example, star codes enable telephone users to obtain services provided by the Central Office. A star code consists of a star (*) digit followed by a 2- or 3-digit number and is often dialed before an outgoing call.

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After receiving certain digits dialed by a user, the Central Office may provide a second dial tone, prompting the user to enter more digits. If this second dial tone is delayed and the user dials digits before the Central Office provides the second dial tone, one of the following problems can occur:

  • The Central Office misroutes the call. In this case, the Central Office misses the digits dialed before the second dial tone is provided.
  • The user places a call to a restricted number, evading calling restrictions. In this case, a call that should be blocked is not because the first digit that is dialed before the Central Office provides second dial tone causes the dialed number not to match the restricted number.

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Using the second dial tone timer, the System Manager can set the time interval during which the Central Office is expected to provide second dial tone. Once this timer interval is exceeded, users can dial the remaining digits. If users dial the remaining digits before the timer interval is exceeded, the MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System blocks the call.

Contact your Central Office to determine whether there is a delay before second dial tone is returned. If calls are misrouted and dropped when special services requiring second dial tone are used, consider adjusting the second dial tone timer interval.

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Second Dial Tone Timer Feature

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