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Service Observing Feature

Service Observing allows an observer at a 4406D+, 4412D+, 4424D+, 4424LD+, or MLX telephone to observe calls at extensions within a Service Observing group. Observing means that the observer can hear all parties on the call but cannot talk to them.

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Service Observing may be subject to federal, state, or local laws, rules, or regulations or require the consent of one or both of the call parties. You must check in your jurisdiction and comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations before using this feature. Failure to comply may result in severe penalties.

A Service Observing group can consist of any number of extensions on the local system. It can even include another Service Observer.

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Any active call within the Service Observing group can be observed if it meets the following guidelines:

  • An internal or external call must arrive on an SA button, Personal Line, Cover button, or Pool button.
  • A call can be observed by only one Service Observer at one time.
  • No more than two internal parties can be on the call.

The following calls cannot be observed:

  • Data call.
  • Video call.
  • Fax call.
  • Reminder Service call.
  • Page call.
  • Call answered by a Generic or Integrated VMI port. However, a call that is transferred from a Generic or Integrated VMI port can be observed.

To observe an extension, the observer needs only to press a programmed Service Observing button and dial either an extension number or press a DSS or Auto Intercom button number for the extension he or she wants to observe.

When the Service Observing button is pressed, the Service Observer hears inside dial tone, the green LED next to the button flashes, and the display prompts the user to enter an extension number or press a DSS button. Once the extension number has been entered or the DSS or Auto Intercom button has been pressed and an extension is successfully being observed, the LED is lit steady and the display shows the observed extension number.

Calls that can be observed appear as a steady red light at the DSS attached to the Service Observer telephone. (A steady red light next to a DSS button also can indicate that the extension has activated Do Not Disturb.) If an extension that cannot be observed is entered by the Service Observer, reorder tone sounds. Any Service Observer who attempts to observe an extension that is already being observed hears busy tone. Any Service Observer who attempts to observe an extension that already has three internal parties hears confirmation tone, which indicates that Service Observing is pending.

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Service Observing Feature

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