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Automatic Maintenance Busy

When Automatic Maintenance Busy is enabled, a malfunctioning loop-start, ground-start, or tie line/trunk is automatically put in a maintenance-busy state, preventing outside calls from being made on that line/trunk. Incoming calls are never blocked.

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In general, the two reasons for putting an outside line in a maintenance-busy state are as follows:

  • Faulty or delayed signaling between the system and the central office. To avoid busying out lines because of slow telephone company central office responses rather than faulty lines/trunks, four consecutive occurrences of faulty or delayed signaling are required before the line/trunk is put in maintenance-busy state.
  • Central office failure to disconnect (make the line/trunk available for use) after a user hangs up. The line/trunk is put in maintenance-busy state after two occurrences of a failure to disconnect.

When a line/trunk is placed in a maintenance-busy state, an error is recorded on the internal error log. The log indicates which type of error occurred: faulty or delayed signaling, or central office failure to disconnect.

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Once a line/trunk is in a maintenance-busy state, the three ways to clear the condition and put the line/trunk back into service are as follows:

  • Periodic testing of the line/trunk by the system's internal maintenance software to verify proper functioning.
  • Manual clearing of the error from the error log.
  • Manual seizure of the line/trunk at an operator console or through maintenance dial codes.

Incoming calls are received and processed normally on lines/trunks that are in a maintenance-busy state.

DID trunks (Hybrid/PBX mode only) are not affected by Automatic Maintenance Busy because these trunks can only receive calls and are not pooled.

100D (DS1) modules configured as ground-start, loop-start, or tie lines/trunks are monitored and maintained by Automatic Maintenance Busy.

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Automatic Maintenance Busy Feature

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