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Personal Speed Dial

System Speed Dial and Personal Speed Dial allow users to dial outside numbers quickly, using a 2- or 3-digit code.

Personal Speed Dial

Personal Speed Dial allows a user to program up to 24 numbers that can be dialed using a 2-digit code. Personal Speed Dial is used only by 4400, 4400D, and single-line telephone users and users with multiline telephones having 16 or fewer buttons--for example, 4406D+, TransTalk 9031/9040, Business Cordless 905, MLX-5, MLX-5D, MLX-10, MLX-10D, or MLX-16DP telephones; and ETR and MLS telephone users with 12 or fewer buttons. Personal Speed Dial may be used by digital data workstations and modem data-only workstations, but all numbers must be programmed for the communications device through centralized telephone programming.

Avaya IP Office Business Phone System

Telephones with 10 or fewer buttons can be programmed with up to 24 System Speed Dial numbers. Telephones with 11-16 buttons can program up to 18 System Speed Dial numbers.

Personal Speed Dial allows a user to dial a 2-digit code for long numbers that may require, for example, account codes, long-distance company access codes, and area codes. In Hybrid/PBX mode, a Personal Speed Dial number also can include pool dial-out codes or the ARS code. When dial-out codes are included, Pause characters may be required immediately following the dial-out code to allow time to receive the telephone company dial tone.

The Personal Speed Dial codes used to select specific programmed numbers are 01-24 for telephones with 10 or fewer buttons; the Personal Speed Dial codes are 01-18 for telephones with 11-16 buttons. Because each user has the same codes from which to choose, the telephone numbers for the codes apply only to the extension for which they were programmed.

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Personal Speed Dial .

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