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System Renumbering

System renumbering is the process of reassigning extension numbers to all types of extensions, adjuncts, lines/trunks, telephones, ranges of extensions on a DSS, ARS, Calling Groups, Idle Line Access, LDN, Paging Groups, Park Zones, pools, and Remote Access.

When the system is turned on, it identifies the type of module installed in each slot in the control unit and automatically assigns extension numbers. When assigning extension numbers, the system begins with the lowest-numbered slot containing extension jacks and assigns numbers starting with the bottom (lowest) jack and moving consecutively up to the top jack. The system then moves in ascending order to the next slot that contains extension jacks and repeats the process.

Avaya IP Office Business PBX phone System

The factory default assigns 2-digit extension numbers, starting with Extension 10. Both the number of digits and the extension numbers assigned by the system can be changed to address a company's needs. For example, extension numbers can match room numbers.

If a user needs a specific extension number, it is simpler to connect the user's telephone to the extension jack that is already assigned the requested extension number than it is to renumber the jack where the telephone is connected.

The system offers three local numbering plans:

  • 2-Digit
  • 3-Digit
  • Set Up Space

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Whenever extension numbers are renumbered, the following must be considered:

  • Extension numbers can contain the digits 0 through 9 in any combination, except that no extension number can begin with 0. Zero is a fixed extension number representing the primary system operator. The system also can be programmed to associate 0 with a QCC operator position.
  • Extension numbers can contain one to four digits and must be unique. If you renumber an extension number with one or two digits, you cannot use those digits as the leading digits for a longer extension number. For example, if extension numbers 1, 2, 30, and 40 are assigned to telephones, those numbers cannot be used as the first number in longer extension numbers such as 10, 200, 302, or 4052.
  • Whenever an extension number is renumbered, the original extension number is available for use.

SysRenumber→Single→Select item→Dial old ext. no.→
Enter→Dial new ext. no.→Enter→Back→Back

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System Renumbering

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