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Touch-Tone or Rotary Signaling

Touch-Tone, tip/ring devices, such as single-line telephones or fax machines, are equipped with a dialpad that generates dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) signals when a dial button is pressed. 4400-Series, MLX, TransTalk 9031/9040, Business Cordless 905, ETR, and MLS telephones are equipped with dialpads that generate digitally coded signals when a dial button is pressed. The duration of the signal sent is 50 milliseconds (50 ms) and is not adjustable.

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You can program tip/ring ports to use rotary signaling. You can program any tip/ring port on an individual basis (including ports on the 016 ETR module that are programmed for tip/ring operation). The factory setting is that rotary signaling is disabled.

Whenever the system receives a rotary digit on a port, it determines if the port is programmed as rotary-enabled. If the port is rotary-enabled, the system processes the digit. If the port is not rotary-enabled, the digit is rejected. Touch-Tone digits are always accepted by the port, regardless if it is rotary-enabled or not.

Phone Equipment

Tie trunks are set up either to send signals to or receive signals from another PBX, or they are set up to be bidirectional, that is, to send and receive signals. If the system has bidirectional tie trunks, the signaling can be set for both directions independently. For example, outgoing (outmode) signaling can be rotary and incoming (inmode) can be Touch-Tone.

The audible feedback for touch tones generated when a user presses a dialpad button can be heard by any user who shares a Personal Line or a Shared SA button with the telephone that is used to make a call. Therefore, when dialing confidential numbers such as passwords or account information, the user should take precautions, such as activating Privacy, to prevent others from hearing the touch tones.


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Touch-Tone or Rotary Signaling

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