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Users can transfer inside or outside calls either to inside extensions or to outside numbers. Transferring an outside call to an outside number is called trunk-to-trunk transfer.

Transfers to non-local dial plan extensions are actually trunk-to-trunk transfers, although users initiate them as they do inside transfers. Most extensions, including those equipped with single-line telephones, can make these calls, regardless of system programming to allow or disallow trunk-to-trunk transfers. Refer to Trunk-to-Trunk Transfer.

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Calls can be transferred with or without consultation:

  • With Consultation. A transfer with consultation can be made only to an inside extension or to a non-local dial plan extension from a telephone (not from a CTI-linked PassageWay Telephony services client). The user initiating the transfer calls the destination extension and speaks to the person at that extension before completing the transfer.
  • If the transfer is initiated on an SA Voice or ICOM Voice button, the transfer is called a voice-announced transfer. In a voice-announced transfer, the user initiating the transfer can speak to the person at the inside destination extension on that person's speakerphone before completing the transfer. When the transfer is completed, it arrives at the destination extension as a ringing call. Voice-announced transfers cannot be made to non-local dial plan extensions.
  • 400-Series, TransTalk 9031/9040, Business Cordless 905, ETR, and MLS telephones that are busy cannot receive a voice-announced transfer. Instead, the call rings.
  • Without Consultation. A transfer without consultation can be made either to an inside extension or to an outside number. The user initiating the transfer completes the transfer before the person at the destination extension or number answers.
  • QCC system operators ordinarily use the Start and Release buttons to transfer calls rather than the transfer process described in this section.

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