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Uniform Dial Plan

In Hybrid/PBX mode only, MERLIN MAGIX Integrated Systems can be networked with one another or with MERLIN LEGEND, DEFINITY ECS, DEFINITY BCS, or DEFINITY ProLogix Solutions systems in private networks.

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Calls to a non-local dial plan extension are treated as outside calls for the purpose of conferencing. Each non-local conference participant who is added takes up one of the two outside calls permitted in a conference. For example, if a user has added two outside calls to a conference, it is not possible to add a non-local dial plan extension. Similarly, if two outside parties are already participating in a conference, and an attempt is made to add a third participant on the local switch, the local user can be added if he or she answers the call.

Telephone Equipment

Trunk-to-trunk transfer restrictions assigned to extensions are not applied to the following types of calls:

  • A call on a private network trunk transferred to a non-local dial plan extension.
  • A call on an outside Central Office line/trunk transferred to a non-local dial plan extension.
  • A call on a private network trunk transferred to an outside Central Office line/trunk.

Note that if an extension receives an outside call transferred from a non-local extension over a tandem trunk, the user can then transfer this outside call to an outside PSTN facility, possibly bypassing intended restrictions.

T1 channels can be programmed either to emulate voice tie trunks or data tie trunks. These can be used as tandem trunks linking networked systems. In addition, you can use drop-and-insert equipment to supply fractional T1 use.

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Uniform Dial Plan

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