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Voice Announce Feature

Voice Announce allows multiline 4400-Series, MLX, ETR, and MLS telephone users to receive inside calls on their speakerphones. MLX telephone users can receive a voice-announced call even if they are already on a call. A telephone user can turn off all incoming voice announcements, calls made from an SA Voice or ICOM Voice button on another extension, or group pages.

Avaya IP Office PBX Telephone System

When Voice Announce is on at an extension, an inside caller can reach that extension by speaking on its speakerphone. When Voice Announce is turned off at an extension, no caller can turn on that extension's speakerphone. The user at that extension, however, can still make calls and speak on the speakerphone.

Voice Announce on Idle Only is available for MLX telephones. This further enhancement to the Voice Announce feature allows you to receive voice announcements only when you are not active on another call.

Business Telephone Systems

For a telephone to receive a Voice Announce call when the telephone is already busy, two communications channels are required between the control unit and the telephone, one for voice-announced calls and one for ringing calls. Turning off the feature at an extension converts the second, voice-announced channel into a ringing channel. Calls made to the extension as voice-announced calls arrive as ringing calls instead.

For an MLX telephone, the ability to receive Voice Announce calls when the telephone is busy is automatically available because the MLX extension jack provides two communications channels. A single-line telephone cannot receive voice-announced calls even if the set has a speakerphone.

When a caller makes a voice-announced call to an extension with Voice Announce, the caller hears a tone. The called person hears a beep and the caller's voice over the speakerphone unless one of the following is true:

  • The called person is already using the speakerphone. In this case, the caller hears ringback, and the called person hears an abbreviated ring, if programmed.
  • The called person has turned off Voice Announce. In this case, the caller hears ringback, and the called person hears ringing for an inside call.
  • The called person has turned on Do Not Disturb. The caller hears a busy signal and, if the caller has a display telephone, sees the message DO NOT DISTURB.
QCC Voice Announce

If QCC Voice Announce is Enabled, the fifth Call button on QCCs can be used to announce a call on another user's speakerphone. If Voice Announce is disabled (factory setting), then the fifth Call button functions the same as any other Call button. This setting applies to all QCCs in the system. Inspecting this button displays Call 5 Voice if Voice Announce for QCCs is enabled and Call 5 Ring if Voice Announce for QCCs is not enabled.

QCCs cannot receive Voice Announce calls. Any call to a QCC from a Voice Announce SA button from another extension is received at the QCC as a ringing call.

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Voice Announce Feature

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