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Carroll Communications offers storage and backup services that are designed to offer cost-effective solutions that help increase data availability and protect your critical information from accidental loss or destruction. Flexible backup and restoration services, expert technical assistance and managed storage capacity can help you address the rapidly growing data volumes associated with e-business.


  • Flexible backup and restoration services
  • Expert technical assistance
  • Managed storage capacity

Standard backup and restore
With standard backup and restore service for your hosting environments, you gain reliable, flexible, security-rich network-based backup at a very affordable price. That's because the costs for hardware and management tools, such as servers, storage pools and tape libraries, are shared among all customers of the service. At the same time, Carroll Communications, Inc. employs security features and management mechanisms at the network, backup server and storage device layers to help ensure separation and protection of customer data. You maintain control over the actual backup process itself.

Dedicated backup and restore
By providing a dedicated storage management server to handle tape backup and restore functions, the dedicated backup and restore service offers customers who have large volumes of data a higher degree of flexibility and schedule control than our standard backup and restore offering. You can choose between lower-cost shared tape library resources or optional dedicated resources.

Storage assistance
Effective backup and restore strategies are crucial to maintaining the availability of Web-based business processes. Storage assistance offers access to skilled Carroll Communications personnel who can help you implement a sound backup and restore strategy for your Web hosting environments and provide onsite support for operational tasks.


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