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Troubleshooting Merlin Magix

Calling Group Overflow Calls Not Receiving Screen Pop

In systems with a CTI Link (Hybrid/PBX mode only), screen pop of caller information occurs when a call arrives at an SA button of a Calling Group member or overflow Calling Group member.

Possible Cause 1: The call was not delivered to an SA button.

What to do: In cases where a call is directed to an overflow Calling Group member who has a Personal Line for the call and that member’s SA buttons are unavailable, the call can
be delivered to the Personal Line and not initiate screen pop. To assure proper delivery, set all Personal Lines on overflow group members’ telephones to No Ring. If this is not the
problem, go to Possible Cause 2.

Possible Cause 2: The CTI link is not working.

What to do: Check the CTI link.
• Consult the PassageWay Telephony Services Network Manager’s Guide for troubleshooting information.
• If you cannot solve the problem yourself, call Carroll Communications 732-751-0101 (consultation charges may apply).
Screen pop may or may not work across a private network. See the Network Reference for more details.

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