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Partner ACS Telephone System

Automatic Line Selection


This feature determines the line or pool a user is connected to after lifting the handset or turning on the speaker to make a call. The system looks for lines or pools in the order specified by Automatic Line Selection and selects the first available line or pool. For example, if you specify outside lines or pools first for an extension, but all outside lines or pools are busy, the user hears the intercom dial tone after lifting the handset or turning on the speaker.

Call 800-429-0077 for more help with this feature

At key extensions, with Automatic Line Selection at its factory setting, the system first searchesto find an idle outside line in numerical order (starting with the lowest line number). If all outside lines are busy, the system searches for an idle intercom line. This order can be changed, however, to accommodate your business needs. For example, a telemarketing firm with a WATS line (line 5) to reduce telephone expenses would set Automatic Line Selection for all telemarketers’ extensions to “05, 01, 02, 03, 04, Intercom.” This way the WATS line is selected first.

At pooled extensions, with Automatic Line Selection at its factory setting, the system first
searches to find an available line in the main pool (pool 880 button 1, then button 2). If all outside lines in the pool are busy, the system selects an idle intercom line. However, you can change the order to accommodate a different automatic line selection. For example, your boss prefers her individual line (line 15) to be selected when she lifts the handset; then she wants auxiliary pool 881 to be selected, which is used for making international calls. To do this, set Automatic Line Selection to “15, 881, Intercom.”

If a single-line telephone user intends to place intercom calls and access system features,Automatic Line Selection for his or her extension should be set to intercom first for proper operation. For example, the setting for a single-line telephone in a lobby used for internal calling or making local calls on Line 1, would be “Intercom, 1.”

  • If  Forced Account Code Entry (#307) is assigned to an extension, Automatic Line Selection for that extension does not apply. This means the user must manually select a line or pool after entering a required account code.
  • For an extension identified as a Hotline (#603) or Doorphone Extension (#604/#605),program the extension to select only the intercom, with no outside lines in the selection sequence.
  • For an extension identified as an External Hotline (#311), program the extension to select outside lines or pools first.
  • For single-line touch-tone or rotary telephones, or for any telephone used mainly to call other extensions, program the extension to select intercom first.
  • For combination extensions, the Automatic Line Selection for both devices (including a tip/ ring device) follows the automatic line selection for the extension.

You do not need to include all available lines or pools for an extension, only the ones you want the system to search through and connect automatically.




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