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Partner ACS Telephone System

Remote Call Forwarding (#322)


Use this feature to activate Remote Call Forwarding for an extension. When activated, you can forward all intercom, transferred, and outside calls from your extension to an outside telephone
number via Remote Call Forwarding or Cell Phone Connect.

  • Remote Call Forwarding must be enabled before you can forward calls via Cell Phone Connect and Remote Call Forwarding.
  • For analog lines and T1 lines without DID, the extension must be the Line Coverage Extension (#208) for that line.
  • You can forward outside, intercom, transferred, and voice-signaled calls.
  • You cannot forward group calls, calls to doorphone alert extensions, Voice Interrupt On Busy calls, coverage calls, transfer-return calls, Wake Up Service calls, and Night Service calls.
  • Remote Call Forwarding does not apply to parked calls.
  • You cannot use Call Screening (F25) for calls that are forwarded.
  • The PARTNER system will forward only calls on lines that have reliable disconnect. For these lines, Hold Disconnect Time (#203) must be set to a value other than 00 (No Detection).
  • The extension must have an available line to forward the call to an outside number.
  • The PARTNER system uses the extensionís Automatic Line Selection to determine which line to use for the outgoing call.



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