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Partner ACS Telephone System

VMS Cover Rings (#321)


Use this feature to define the number of times a call rings before it is sent to a userís voice mailbox. This feature programs the number of rings on a per-extension basis.

  • VMS Cover Rings also applies to lines that have been designated an owner with Line Coverage Extension (#208).
  • If an extension has VMS Cover (F15) or Automatic VMS Cover (#310) active, unanswered calls to that extension are routed to the voice messaging system after the specified number of VMS Cover Rings.

To change the number of times calls ring before being sent to the voice messaging system:

  1. Press feature +(00)+(system program)+(system program)+#321 at extension 10 or 11.
  2. At the extension prompt, enter an extension number.
    The Cover Rings prompt appears:
    VMS Cover Rings XX
    3 Rings
  3. Enter a setting (1Ė9; 3 is the factory setting), or press (Next Data) until the correct value appears:
  4. To set VMS Cover Rings for another extension, press (next item) or (prev item) until the extension number appears on the display. Then repeat Step 3.
  5. Select another procedure, or exit programming mode.




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