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Partner ACS Telephone System

Voice Interrupt On Busy (#312)


Use this feature to identify extensions that can receive Voice Interrupt On Busy calls. A Voice Interrupt On Busy call is a special intercom call that lets a user (the originator) interrupt and speak to another user (the recipient) who is busy on an intercom or outside call. When Voice Interrupt On Busy is initiated, the recipient hears two beeps before hearing the originator’s voice. The third party to whom the recipient is speaking probably can hear both the beeps and the faint sound of the originator’s voice. This feature typically is used by the receptionist to alert the boss to an important incoming call or event when the boss is already on a call.

Voice Interrupt On Busy is available only on system telephones.

  • The Voice Interrupt On Busy tone (two beeps) is unique to distinguish it from a voicesignaled intercom call tone (one beep).
  • If a Voice Interrupt On Busy call is made to an idle extension, the originator and the recipient hear a voice-signaled intercom call tone (one beep) instead.
  • If you receive a Voice Interrupt On Busy call and press (HOLD), the third party is put on hold and the originator hears two beeps that indicate you have ended the Voice Interrupt On Busy call. Do one of the following:
    – To talk to the originator, if the green light next to the (INTERCOM) button is flashing, press (INTERCOM). (You cannot use the Voice Interrupt On Busy Talk-Back button once a Voice Interrupt On Busy call has ended.)
    – To resume your conversation with the third party, press the line or pool button next to the winking green light.
  • Any party involved in a Voice Interrupt On Busy call cannot be involved in a second Voice Interrupt On Busy call until the first is finished.
  • Voice Interrupt On Busy cannot be performed on Record-a-Call.
  • The recipient can use a Voice Interrupt on Busy Talk-Back button to respond to the originator of the Voice Interrupt On Busy call. The recipient’s response is not heard by the third party.
  • Users cannot receive Voice Interrupt On Busy calls if:
    – Do Not Disturb is active at their extension.
    – They are part of a joined call (Joining Calls).
    – They are part of a Conference Call.
    – They are recording a call by using Record-a-Call (F24).
    – They are screening a call by using Call Screening (F25).

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